Transfer Students

The Environmental Sciences program welcomes applications from community college students who are prepared to enter as junior-level majors. To be considered for admission to UCSC as an environmental science major, transfer students must pass equivalents of the following courses with a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher:

  • CHEM 3A, 3B/BL, and 3C/CL General Chemistry
  • MATH 11A and MATH 11B, Calculus with Application (or equivalent; see below)
  • PHYS 6A and PHYS 6L, Introductory Physics I with Lab

In addition, we strongly recommend that all transfer students complete equivalents of the following preparatory courses prior to transfer:

  • PHYS 6B and PHYS 6M, Introductory Physics II with Lab
  • EART 5, 10 or 20 Geology

­Students planning to transfer to UCSC as an environmental sciences major from a California community college should reference to determine which courses are equivalent to these required courses. Having this coursework completed prior to transferring allows students greater flexibility in scheduling and completing their major. Transfer students planning on attending UCSC to pursue an environmental sciences major should review the transfer preparation information.

California community college students who are prepared for their major and achieve a certain GPA may be eligible for a transfer admissions guarantee (TAG); for more information visit: