Environmental Science Advising

You can book appointments for Summer Quarter using Slug Success.

The EPS advising calendar lists available times for drop-in and appointments with the undergraduate adviser, Jade Loftus, and drop-in advising with the peer advisers.

Please use Slug Success to check for advising appointment availability and to schedule appointments.

Availability subject to change.

Environmental Science Advising can provide assistance and advice with:

  • Choosing an Environmental Science major
  • Academic planning for your chosen major
  • Determining which courses to enroll in
  • Declaring your major
  • Getting ready to graduate
  • Part-time Final Quarter Approval
  • Request for Drop of a Major/Minor
  • Veterans Enrollment Verification*
  • UCSC Extension Concurrent Enrollment

There are THREE ways to access advising: 

Appointment, Drop-in, and Email.

Appointment Advising via Zoom

Advising appointment availability has been increased to accommodate student needs. You may schedule a Zoom appointment using Slug Success.

Appointment hours and availability can be found on the calendar above. Once you schedule an appointment using Slug Success you will receive an email with a link for your Zoom appointment. If it is your first time using Zoom we recommend downloading the app prior to your scheduled appointment time.

If you do not see any appointments available in Slug Success it means that all appointments are full, please scroll to the following week to view additional appointment availability.


Group Drop-in Advising via Zoom and in person

The EPS department will be offering Group drop-in advising using an online format. Students will sign in using a Zoom meeting link. They will be added to a waiting room and then added to the group advising session when the adviser is ready to meet with them. If needed a Zoom breakout room may be used for sensitive information. Drop-in advising is best for quick questions of a general nature.

Zoom drop-in is only available during scheduled drop-in hours. Please use the advising calendar for updated advising hours.

Learn more about how to use Zoom

Learn more about how to use Slug Success


Email Advising

Please email your questions to EPS Advising at I can assist you with many issues via email, including developing four-year academic plans, signing forms, graduation checks, and more complex questions. 

If you are requesting assistance with forms (EX. Study Abroad Academic Planning Approval Form, Veterans Benefits Verification Form, etc), we ask that you do your best to scan and email us a copy of your form, or fill in your form digitally and email us a PDF. 

Please be sure to email EPS Advising via your official UCSC email address and always include your full name and UCSC student ID number.

Questions on how to qualify for an ESCI major?

ESCI course requirements.


Questions about admissions?

Prospective frosh students should contact the Admissions Office

Prospective transfer students should contact admissions and review the major preparatory courses.


Environmental Sciences Advisor:  Jade Loftus

Environmental Sciences Faculty Advisor:  Patrick Chuang and Carl Lamborg